• Vaping


A vaping product is a modern, battery-powered device that heats a flavoured liquid until it vaporises, allowing it to be inhaled without combustion.

Technological innovation has driven the vaping industry to create a vast, highly diverse range of vaping products.

Nowadays, the most common devices are so-called open and/or "mod" systems that feature a tank filled with liquid from a bottle. This allows consumers a high degree of customisation. Alternatively, some systems rely upon pre-filled liquid capsules or cartridges that are inserted directly into the device.

In both cases, these liquids, whether contained in bottles or pre-filled capsules, do not contain any tobacco, and therefore do not generate tobacco emissions. The liquids used in vaping products may or may not contain nicotine.

The overwhelming majority of the scientific community recognises the significantly lower risk associated with vaping products relative to traditional tobacco products.